friskyfraulein (la_comedienne) wrote in vaginapagina,

Double the periods, double the pain in the ass.

Hi, Vulva-ers. First time posting. Long story short, I started a period in early September, I think around the 2nd. It lasted for 15 days, ending finally on the 17th. This was a long, somewhat heavy period with no cramping whatsoever, which is incredibly rare for me. On September 29, I had another period. This one ended this past Sunday, October 3 and brought with it bad crmaping and extremely heavy blood flow.

Both periods have been heavy, the second more so than the first. During the 2 week period, I had a bit of tissue come out, but comparing it to posts on this community of pictures of uterine lining, I've just assumed that's all it was. Uterine lining. It looked weird and I flushed it and moved on. Both periods have been actual periods, not just light spotting. Clots have come out, and it all just looks like blackberry jam.

I last had sex on August 22. I usually use NuvaRing for HBC, and in preparation for that night, inserted the NuvaRing and let it brew for 7 full days before I had sex with the boyfriend. Boyfriend is now in China for 10 months and, well, there's no reason for me to be on BC now that he's gone, so I haven't been using it.

I haven't taken a pregnancy test, but feel a nagging that I need to. I just feel like I should have one, to be sure, because I am paranoid like that. I'll have to stop by a clinic nearby to have one run quickly.

Also, in July, I had laparascopy for endometriosis and scar tissue (this is my second laparascopy and last year I had an ovary removed. Yay).

1. I recently had my insurance changed over from my father's plan where everything is affordable to a new plan that screws everyone over at $300 a month, plus costs of doctor visits and whatnot. They cover basically the gas to get to my appointments and to pay for my appointments, my father and I have to scrimp and save. I cannot afford to see my gynecologist, nor pay any fees to get checked out at a clinic (all I can afford is a free pregnancy test). I'm seeing my GP for migraine treatment and had an MRI yesterday so that's about $300 there which we can't afford.

2. Why the stupid double periods? My vagina hates me.

3. Could I be pregnant? I realize it's a silly question but am curious as to whether anyone else has experienced random periods while they were pregnant. Watching "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" has me more paranoid than usual.

4. Thank you for reading through all this. I'd just like any comments or thoughts as to why my vagina seems to be trying to...rebel? It's very frustrating.
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