okamikaze (okamikaze) wrote in vaginapagina,

BC question and still discharge

I apologize for posting to the comm so often. I feel like I'm abusing your guys' awesome knowledge, so I'm sorry, but my university clinic is closed and I have a question regarding taking BC.

So I'm on Junel, I took a couple of months off to see if it was causing my YIs and my current issues that apparently aren't YIs and no one knows what is wrong with me (siiigh). So I decided that since nothing happened after going off of them, I'd rather just go back on birth control to at least ease my mind about the whole not getting pregnant thing. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I ovulated, so obviously we're still using condoms and withdrawal. But my question is:

I'm still going to get a real period, because I ovulated, right? So what happens when I start the placebo week? Is there a chance I'll ovulate again or will it just be withdrawal bleeding? Should I just stack my pills and deal with the hormone overload?

Also, I'm starting to think I've been freaking out for nothing re: discharge. I've been browsing tags and recent discharge posts and I'm not having other symptoms. I feel completely fine. I was mostly freaking out, because randomly my discharge has been greenish-yellow and clumpy or clear and clumpy if I insert my finger or something else. As long as I don't have symptoms I'm ok, right? 

Thank you so very, very much. You are a fantastic group! 
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