nomad____ (nomad____) wrote in vaginapagina,

I am missin' my period..

I posted here last month I think about a few things, birth control and whatnot but also about missed period.. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, and I also had a pregnancy test at planned parenthood in August because I was getting new birth control and I skipped my period in July so they just wanted to make sure.

Anyhoot, I was on Loestrin fe24 until this past month I am on the generic Junel Fe (with 21 active pills), and I still haven't gotten my period this month (its 4 days into my inactive week), and I am worried!! I haven't had a period since June. I have taken every pill on time except one I took about 10 hrs late but I didn't have sex for 4 days after. I do not use condoms, and have sex about once or twice a week.. I am probably going to buy another pregnancy test and whatnot but I just don't understand! The past 2 months I had taken tests and they were negative but should I be concerned?

Also has anyone else taken Junel/Loestrin and had very vivid dreams? O_O!

<3 thanks
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