FUCKING ZUBAT (finding_jay) wrote in vaginapagina,

Some questions about the nuvaring

For the past five-ish years, I've been using the Pill. I've used Diane, Yasmin, Microgynon-30 and I'm currently on Microgynon-50. In terms of stopping me falling pregnant, they have been fine. No babies to date! However, one draw back all four of these have had is that I have little to no sex drive. My partner and I have had a few problems with this- we both want to have sex, but I just can't get my vagina in the mood, so to speak. So I've been looking into a few other forms of HBC. I've had good things about the Nuvaring, and I just have a few questions. Obviously I plan to ask my doctor some of these questions, but I want to hear personal stories, too.

How does it effect your sex drive? This is the main reason why I've looking into the Nuvaring. For those of you who have used it, how did it compare to other forms of HBC?

Did it increase your bleeding at all? I have endometriosis, and when I switched onto Microgynon-30, I had breakthrough bleeding for five weeks. My periods regularly last for nine days, and are typically quite heavy. I used to clot a lot while on Yasmin, which is why I stopped taking it. Also, can you continue to use the ring while bleeding? Can you insert it while you're still bleeding, or is it advisable to wait until the withdrawal bleeding has stopped? Is it okay to tampons while using the ring (this is probably a duh question, but hey).

Finally, how did it effect your moods? I get terrible, terrible PMS. I'm an emotional rollercoaster, which is part of the reason why I take HBC, to be honest. I cry at the drop of a hat, I'm paranoid, and frankly just not the best person to be around. I've been on HBC since I was sixteen, so I'm not too sure if I'm like this all the time or if it's just when I'm about to start bleeding. Does the Nuvaring help with this at all?

Thanks for the answers!
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