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Cone biopsy--what to expect?

Hello VP'ers...I looked back through some archives and the tags and couldn't really find anything on this (though if I somehow missed it please feel free to direct me!) so I was wondering if any of you could give me some information based on personal experiences.

I found out today that I need to have a cone biopsy done on my cervix to find out what's going on up in there. A few weeks ago I had an abnormal pap; they did a colposcopy and it came back that all three biopsies from the outside of my cervix were normal, but they found something suspicious in the scraping they got from inside my cervix. Unfortunately, they didn't have a good enough sample (not enough/was falling apart) to determine what it actually is-dysplasia or cancer. So, today my doctor did two more scrapings from inside my cervix to be sent off for another biopsy and she tentatively scheduled me for a cone biopsy on October 19th.

So, I'm just kind of wondering what to expect. My doctor said its slightly more involved than a LEEP (which I was supposed to have this Thursday and have had before) and that it will take me more time to heal. She said there will be more bleeding, more cramping, and that it'll take roughly eight weeks to heal.

What have been your experiences? Is it painful? Tons of bleeding? How long before you were feeling "normal" again? Are there any limits on lifting/exertion/exercise?

Thank you all in advance for any input!
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