betterbebalboa (betterbebalboa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Repressive Insurance Policies?

Has anyone here ever had an issue with getting their HBC script filled due to a religious-based insurance policy?

A friend of mine is working for a Catholic organization, and unbeknownst to her (it was not on her contract, or clearly on her insurance policy), her employers' insurance policy forbids birth control coverage for the purpose of contraception. When she called her OBGYN to ask if she could have the script made out for a different purpose (a.k.a. any of the other medically sound reasons that she ALSO uses HBC, and would continue to use it even if not sexually active), they told her they couldn't do that - they said if she uses it for contraception at all, she would be committing insurance fraud.

What to do? Is there a way for her to have affordable HBC coverage under such a repressive policy? Is there a way she can contest this without fear of losing her job?
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