sarahlynn27 (sarahlynn27) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC, Cysts, Lube and IUDs

Hey there VPers,
I'm looking for some opinions and advice from you guys (You all get brought up in IUD_Divas all the time :)
I've been on HBC for about 4 years now ( I was started on it due to cysts on my ovaries which I am hoping I have now outgrown), and I've been on over 10 brands. Each brand I've taken has had it's fair share of issues, and I'm currently taking Ocella, but I am not happy at all with it. I have no sex drive at ALL since I've started HBC, no longer can even produce lube when trying to have sex, it's extremely painful now, and the lubes we have tried give me crazy yeast infections and burn :( I've been considering getting an IUD due to all the issues I've had with hormones, but I was looking for anyone else who's had a similar experience. I am not sure I would be able to have an IUD because of the issues the cysts caused for me, but I am planning to bring it up at my next appointment .

Cupcakes for you if you actually read that and it made any sense, but my main questions are
1. I realize that everyone responds differently to different kinds of birth control, are there any that you all have taken that you haven't seen a huge drop in libido/ vaginal wetness.

2. Can anyone recommend any lube that is less likely to cause yeast infections and has worked well for them (glycerin free lubes I'm assuming)

Thank you all, you're amazing!
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