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Periods - How do you handle them?

So I hope this is ok to post, I checked through old entries, but didn't find anything exactly like what I want to ask. Sorry it's long :)

I really hate getting periods, to the point where I sometimes feel they are ruling my life and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

My periods were always fairly heavy, lasted 7 days and were irregular - one time it was 21 days between, another time 40 days.

So around 5 years ago I went on the pill, aged 20. I can now plan my periods to the day, usually take two packs in a row so I get fewer periods, but they still last 5 days, I have one pretty heavy day and I get really bad cramps, worse then when I wasn't on the pill. I actually plan my annual leave days on my heaviest day, so I don't have to be at work, but this seems like a waste of days.

I can handle the extra pain on the pill because it's so convinient to know when my period will be, but I feel that the pill has increased my appetite, and I feel much hungrier and eat more. For this reason, and the fact that I don't have a boyfriend anymore, so am not using the pill for birth control, I'm thinking off coming off the pill. I've been on it 5 years as well and I know it's supposed to be fine to take it forever, but I don't feel that it's good for me.

So here's a bunch of questions about handling periods which I've always wondered 'is it just me who feels like this?'. I'd love lots of answers. I'm particular asking those who use pads (I've tried tampons and they just feel horrible to me so I don't use them).

What do you do when you don't know when your period will come? Do you wear liners? Risk it and wait til it starts? I always found that pantyliners get smelly quickly. What if you're out or at work etc and it starts?

If you get heavy periods and/or cramps, do you call in sick to work once a month? Battle through it even if painkillers don't help? Do you worry you're going to leak?

I use nighttime pads all the time during my periods, and even though they are the thin ones, they are long (which I need), and I still worry people can see them through my trousers. I always try to wear long cardigans that cover me during my period, but in summer that's not practical. What do you wear when on your period? Does anyone else worry about this?

If you have a partner how do they handle you having 'problem periods'? Do you tell them when you're having your period? I didn't usually tell my ex and sometimes he would grab my ass and I'd freak out cause I'd be worried he would feel the pad I was wearing. I've always felt like using pads makes me weird, cause it seems so many women use tampons.

I'm also worried about coming off the pill and was wondering if anyone can tell me what happened to them when they did. I know it's all individual, but maybe there are some common things that happen?

Any other comments also welcome.

Anyway thank you in advance to anyone who responds.

EDIT - Thank you so much for all the responses and how much time and effort you've put into your replies. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry I'm not commenting on every comment, but I'm trying to respond to anything specific. Please don't think this means I didn't care about your response - they have all been so helpful.
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