h_e_r_e_s_y (h_e_r_e_s_y) wrote in vaginapagina,

Loss of vaginal wetness?

Hey VP, ever since I started having sex with my current boyfriend, I haven't been able to get wet no matter how aroused I am. When I masturbate, I get a little wetness going on down there, but not much. Same with when we spend a lot of time on foreplay; there's still not enough to be able to not use lube. The first time we did it, I was extremely super-wet and we used no condom. The next day we bought latex condoms and I thought that could be a problem because afterward, my vagina was itchy in general, but no discharge/smell/real itching sensation...just kind of dull if you understand what I mean; that day my vagina hurt like it was raw down there and my vulva was a little itchy. Didn't have sex at all the day after that and things calmed down down there. Along with the dryness I've noticed that my inner labia and my clitoris feel kind of...weird. Like puffy and itchy if I try to touch myself and it's almost like there's no sensation in my clit unless I rub it super hard but then it ends up itching more than anything. :/

Sorry for the major rambling but I really have no idea what's going with my vag.

And also, another quick question: every time my boyfriend enters me, it feels literally like I'm having my hymen torn every time. The pain doesn't lessen, but it doesn't ever last longer than a few seconds. Is that normal for the first few times having sex?

Thank you very much for any kind of response/help/advice. :]
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