Gary Glitter (sarahfer) wrote in vaginapagina,
Gary Glitter

Laser Hair Removal

Anybody had this done? It's something I've been thinking about for a while, a couple of friends have had their bikini lines/entire area done and they swear by it, so I'm considering it.

I know you have to shave the area a day or so before treatment. Well, part of the reason I want to get laser done is because my minge HATES razors, no matter how new or sharp or specially designed or how well I've exfoliated etc etc... I can pretty much already tell you that the day after I shave to prep it my skin will be angry and itchy with ingrown hairs starting to pop up. Will this have any effect?

(also, thanks VP for still having the Everyday Vulvas project still visible - I also had a 'but what if they get D: face when they look at my bits' moment earlier, but after perusing everyone else's bits I've realised...... it looks like a vulva.)
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