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Irregular bleeding? Possible miscarriage symptoms?

 Hey guys, sorry if this has already been answered in the tags, but it's awfully late and my attention span has been zilch as of the past couple of days.

I seemed to have started my period a couple of days ago, and I'm not due to start until October 15th, and since I'm on HBC, I'm perfectly regular. (Even prior to being on birth control, I had a very regular period.)

So at first, both my husband and I thought it was breakthrough spotting, which was no biggie, a minor inconvenience, but hey, it happens.

I use a Diva Cup, so obviously when I empty it, I'm aware of what the contents are like, and the past two days, they had been nothing like any period I've had before. The blood was very thick, lots of clots, an almost goopy consistency, and very, very dark. 

I haven't been cramping too much, but I have been very tired, and while doing a google search of miscarriage symptoms, I haven't found anything more than a little vague. 

I can't remember the last time we had unprotected sex (I currently have a four month old so all of the days are kind of mashed together as it is).

If I'm still bleeding like this tomorrow, I'm considering calling my OB/GYN. Suggestions? 
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