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Bleeding During Sex

Hey guys! I have another question for y'all's awesomeness. Let me first say that my lover is somewhat larger than average in the penis department. Larger than I have been used to. I haven't been with anyone else since last January. This last time we had sex, I was on top for the first part and it wasn't rough sex really but it wasn't gentle either and I could feel the tip of his penis hitting my cervix several times. It didn't hurt so I didn't worry about it. I mean, it wasn't really pleasant, but not painful. Well, when we changed positions he had some blood on him and asked me if I was bleeding. So, I went to bathroom and I was bleeding a good bit. Not like period blood, but kind of rusty colored. Like the kind you get at the very beginning or at the very end of your period. We didn't resume sex but after about 10 minutes, I started getting crampy feeling and now when I pee it feels like I have a UTI.
Could his hitting my cervix cause me to bleed and cramp like that? Do I need to get checked out? Has this happened to any of y'all?
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