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Whacky Birth control

I was taking the pill in August, I had a normal period that started on the 14th. I lost my pill pack and I had no more, and wasn't gonna get anymore since I was moving back to Washington. I just broke up with my Boyfriend in IL where I was living. I move back to Washington, get together with my ex and now I am pregnant. The lady at the doctor office said I must have conceived in the week of the 29 of August thru - the 4th of September. I left IL the 26th. I am concerned it could be my ex's but I didn't have sex with him for 2 weeks before that. I believe it is my current BF but we used condoms, which I know is only so much effective. I know the following week of the 5- the 11th (most likely that saturday but I dun remember) We had sex with no condom, no BC pill, nothing. I am guessing that is the night I conceived Could my abruptly quitting my BC pill really whack out my cycle to make it that confusing? I know alot of it is estimation on their part and I may just be freakin out.
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