nurseame (nurseame) wrote in vaginapagina,

should i take emergency contraception?

I missed two pills in a row. i usually take them at midday, but i missed tuesday and wednesday's pills, and took them both when i realised at about 9am on thursday (today). i took my thursday pill at the right time (today).
that means i've taken 3 pills today, which i think was what i was supposed to do, but i'm not 100% sure.
so now i'm wondering if i should get the morning after pill as well.
i had sex last night and a few days ago too - we'll use extra protection until after 7 days (with 7 pills in a row). But am I covered for the sex I had this week (considering sperm can live awhile)?
and if i take an emergency pill - when do i take my next regular pill? - i'm a little apprehensive about doing that too, since i already had three pills today.

i searched the tags and nothing about what to do after missing 2 pills came up, so i hope this question is ok here!
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