Lilith (lilith_gypsy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unprotected sex and when to test.

so normally i'd post this in am_i_pregnant but i never get any responses there. and VPer's rock.  but let me give a little background. 25, been of hbc for 2 1/2 years. So I have fairly short cycles, 25 to 27 days typically, and usually only bleed for like 4-5 days, with heavy bleeding and clots and terrible cramps. i've experienced three miscarriages (that i'm aware of) the last of which was 5 years ago now.

During this entire time i've been off hbc my so and i have only ever used withdrawl as the only preventative measure, until this two months. we do have sex regularly, and feel pretty damn infertile as a couple. the first day of my last period was sept 8th, it was done by the 11th. literally disappeared, three days of bloody bright red and no clots. he came inside me during  sex on the 13th, 14th, we did have unprotected sex several times before i got my period as well. i'm fairly certain i ovulated on the 15th. (i'm very familiar with my vagina and cervix and check it daily) i experienced very very light pink 'spotting' (like hardly even there) that friday. when i realized this i mentioned it to my so and his response was simply that with our track record that its highly doubtful it'll stick and not to worry about it. i pointed out to him that we don't have a track record of him not pulling out, and thus since are back to practicing withdrawl. Now it would NOT be a terrible thing if i'm pregnant. it just would be a less than ideal time since i just started classes again and i'm taking some 400 level biology classes that include handling and preparing 'specimens' for the university museum collection (which is nauseating enough as it is) and i'm taking chem classes next term which aren't recommended exposure for fetuses. Don't get me wrong. i'd be upset for like .001seconds before becoming thrilled.

so i'm expecting my period like monday at the latest. but i'm getting ansy. so VPer's in your opinion, whats the likelihood that its just my lucky month, and while i know there's no harm in testing i hate going to buying a test when its not needed. and besides taking care of myself and taking vitamins is there anything i can do to prevent an early miscarriage if I am? two of my three happened at 5wks.
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