yaaarg (yaaarg) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uncomfortable with my recent gyno visit

I'm wondering if my feelings are justified here, this actually made me tear up a bit while in the pharmacy line.

I had a rush appointment with a gyno, so it wasn't my regular doctor. I came in for a yeast infection that OTC treatment didn't kill. She looks at my chart and says, "So, it says here you recently had intercourse with someone in a non-monogomous setting. *insert judgmental "huh" and glance*" (I came in a couple weeks earlier for sti testing and mentioned that to the nurse as the reason, i have no idea why it would be written down.) Then she mentions that my waiting room sheet says I use exclusively condoms as BC. "Well, that's a terrible idea. Are you aware of the numbers on that?"
I said I was. "So, you're just...fine with a 1 in 5 chance every year of getting pregnant?" (Is this even accurate? I assume if nothing else, she is quoting typical use.) She then basically bullied me into an hbc pill. (I've tried the pill before, it makes me nauseous and honestly...I just enjoy ovulating.)

Let me add that I am pretty shy and non-assertive, so I didn't handle things the way I should have, but I have still never been made to feel this way by my gyno.

Lastly, She inserted a finger and said "This is something that would be extremely painful if you had PID. As it is, it is a bit painful, but it would be completely intolerable if you had an infection."

She then did this for 5 extra minutes. I'm not a doctor, I'm not going to say it wasn't necessary, but I've never had a doctor do this before. (It did hurt indeed :[) It continued to hurt for about an hour after my appointment. The next day I received lab results for STI's. She used my yeast swab to test for them. If she had just asked, I would have told her I hadn't had sex since my last testing. (Can they even do unauthorized tests?)

Was my doctor inappropriate?
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