cantankerous (misledyouth00) wrote in vaginapagina,

Double Trouble!: Yeast AND Bacterial Infection FROM HELL

 So for a month and a half now I've had both a yeast and a bacterial infection that were the worst I've ever had in my entire life! First they were external which I've never had before. I saw my gyn. and got medication for them which did nothing. For the yeast I then tried all sorts of home remedies that had worked for me in the past - garlic, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, all of which did nothing. Then I tried over the counter medication - Monistat, Terconazole, Azo, all of which didn't help. I went back to my gyn. who gave me more medication to try which again, did nothing. I mentioned this to my regular physician who also gave me medication to try which also did nothing. I took an over the counter UTI test because no one had tested me for this just in case any of these problems had given me this as well and tested negative which was the only positive news I had gotten. I went in last week to see my gyn again and still tested positive for both yeast and bacterial! During all this, my infection kept getting worse and every over the counter cream that promised relief only burned it more. For anyone out there suffering anything ridiculously intense like this, the only thing that offered slight relief (think making wearing pants/underwear bearable) was rubbing tea tree oil on there with a cotton ball and only a cotton ball. Cotton swabs, wash cloths, toilet paper, these things even with the tea tree oil made the pain even worse. 

My husband and I have not had sex since all of these problems have started so I'm positive this is not a case of me being reinfected because frankly its too painful for me to have anything near there as the infection has moved from external to internal. Its incredibly itchy inside and also burns.

My problems started two weeks after I had switched to Yaz birth control so I was wondering if this perhaps is the reason behind all of this. Aside from the Yaz, nothing else in my life had changed -no changes in diet, no antibiotic use, and as I've been married over a year now and was dating my husband monogamously over two years before that, no exposure to any stds. I also was tested for any and all stds at my gyn to see if that was the culprit and tested negative for all of those as well. Blaming the Yaz, when I last saw my gyn, I switched to Orthrotrycyline Low yesterday and am hoping that will help. She refused to give me any new medication though! She said to just "Wait and see!" I'm seeing an infectious disease dr. for lyme disease though and gave her a list of all the medications my gyn had prescribed me over the course of all this so she wrote me scripts for two different medications to try now.  I'm hoping this works because if it is the fault of the Yaz, while I feel switching birth control will stop the persistence, I didn't feel it would cure the infections themselves now that they're here. 

So after that lengthy exposition, my question was has anyone gone through anything like this whether from a birth control or anything else? Just an extremely persistent yeast and/or bacterial infection for extended lengths of time? If so, what eventually worked for you? And after hearing basically my entire life story, does anyone think maybe I'm unfairly blaming the Yaz and maybe theres something I'm overlooking that could cause all of this? I've been racking my brain for anything that's changed and this is all I've come up with. This is extremely frustrating and is making me extremely irritable! I'm hoping these changes work but if they don't, as I've gone through almost every medication by now I don't know what to try next! Any tips or advice would met with eternal gratitude and at this point I am NOT joking! 

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