bsh8rc (bsh8rc) wrote in vaginapagina,

Boric Acid and my Lovely Lunette

  Well I have a yeasty and a pretty nasty one I'd say too. Last night I put in two boric acid capsules and went to bed. This morning no relief yet from my yeast infection but I did find my missing period. So I waited a few hours for most of the boric acid to slid out and put my cup in. I'm afraid that it might cause my cup some damage though. Any thoughts on boric acid and cups? Should I continue with the boric acid treatments even though I'm still on my period? Oh I also have a Diva (I don't really care for her anymore bt...) so this period I will be alternating between the Diva and Lunette with major boiling in between so hopefully my yeast infection will be gone after my period.

Thanks for all your help!
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