washmapensha (washmapensha) wrote in vaginapagina,

My IUD Broke the Condom - Now What?

I like my IUD, I would like to keep it in  I originally had it placed because I was in (what I thought was) a monogamous long-term relationship 3 years ago.  (Copper by the way) I also take a low-dose birth control pill for hormonal mood swings.

But I need to admit to myself that my relationships are lasting about a year. I'm with a new partner right now, and we used a condom last night, and I'm pretty sure the IUD string chewed a piece off (I basically pulled a slice off the IUD string).

I'd prefer to use a barrier method until we're both tested, but before buying a pack of female condoms and finding out they'll break too, I thought I'd see if anybody else on here uses a barrier and an IUD? Maybe I need to get my string trimmed? It hasn't been checked by a professional in at least I year (I certainly check often though), and I know the string feels like it wraps in almost a complete circle around my cervix.

What would y'all suggest? Short of waiting for STD test results before having sex. Think a female condom might be less breakable? 
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