a_lost_beauty (a_lost_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,

sex/ penetration/ leaking?

okay so i have two questions: and i really could use some answers so any insight would be amazing.

1st: ive been sexually active for about 4 years now so im definately not a virgin. but everytime me and a guy go to have sex (not just one guy im talking about all the guys ive had sex with) he has to grab his penis and hold it while he lines up with my vagina and then we have to push (this part hurts a bit) and then hes in. but im just wondering. is it normal that every guy has to like manually put his penis into me instead of him sliding into me without him actually holding it and lining it up? i know i should know this. but sometimes i wonder if my body is messed up that he cant just push right in w out us having to manuvor it, ya know. is something wrong w me? and do guys get mad bc they have to dot hat?

2nd: i had sex yesterday and we didnt use a condom but he always pulls out. but as we were switching positions he obviously pulled out of my vagina and i saw white goo on the side of his penis. but before i could say anything he was back in me. i was wondering was it pre cum i saw, or did he actually cum? or was it from me? i mean i thought i was kinda wet but i definately was not in the mood so i was not orgasming or climazing or anything like that. and when i say i wasnt in the mood - i really was not in the mood. my mind was definately somewhere else but he wanted it so i was like sure why not. anywayssss, i peed right after but barely any pee came out and then he went to work, while i was walking towards the car and driving the 8 miles home i sorta felt like stuff was leaking from me and when  i got home my undies were wet and so were the crotch part of my pants. and obv not a wet as in i was turned on; instead a wet as in i was leaking? does that mean he really did cum in me early and it was leaking out?

im beyond confused. can anyone help answer any of my questions. please and thank you!
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