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another herpes post

sorry to be posting again so soon, but i have a new question now which has come up after i told my partner about my genital didnt go so well...

so i invited him over to hang out and talk today, but couldnt wait, so last evening i broke the news to him on the phone. he was actually quite angry with me for not telling him before any of our clothes came off. he said 'i thought you care about me and my well being" and said now irresponsible it was for me and now, because he isnt that knowledgable about the whole trying to calm his fears. hes got no health insurance and is now so worried and has to get a blood test done and all this..he is primarily worried because he fingered me.

ive been reading up about herpes whitlow (herpes on the finger) and was wondering if any of you had any more insight on it? as i said in my previous post, we made out, i touched him, and he touched me for a few minutes. i currently have no outbreak, havent had one since my initial one 2 1/2 years ago. i also know how little genital HSV-1 sheds..but he is saying now that he had a small cut under one of his hindsight i should have just told him because he said he would have totally understood and would have wanted to take the time to look up stuff about it with me...he would have been so much more understanding then i i feel absolutely terrible. but in my mind i find this to be such a low risk activity i didnt really feel the need to tell him about it then....which is awful...i should have.

but what are the chances of this happening to him on his finger? i would say due to this being a one time exposure and the fact that i only shed 3% of days of the year he shouldnt be too concerned at all, but the fact that its not a zero risk activity has got him worried...and me worried for he says if he has this "its for life, and i would be so furious." i just feel like a total idiot. i didnt mean to be withholding of this...or to feel like ive been sneaking around and not telling others who have fingered me..though none have come to me asking 'hey do you have herpes? i got it on my finger..' no one has.
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