Casey (x_allsystemsg0) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC timing?

Hi everyone!  I have a quick question, but first, some background info:

- I started Loestrin24Fe for the first time on 9/15.  My period started with slight spotting two days earlier, on 9/13.
- Before I started HBC a few weeks ago, I was on a 30-31 day cycle.  This means my next period would have been due 10/13 or 10/14.
- I am visiting my boyfriend in Boston from 10/14-10/18 and I would REALLY like to avoid having my period during those four days at all costs.
- My first of four placebo pills is supposed to be taken on 10/9, to resume my normal pills on 10/14.

My question is, what should I do to avoid having my period that weekend (10/14-10/18)?  I'm aware that I've only been on HBC for a short time (about one month by the time of the trip) so I may be out of luck as far as skipping pills and expecting not to have one.  Should I skip them and hope that no period shows up at all, or should I take the four placebo pills 10/9-10/13 anyway and expect my period to stop as soon as I resume taking the pill on 10/14?

Sorry if I was unclear about any of those dates!  Thank you for any advice!

Edit: Here's another way to phrase my question:
Since I was on a 30-31 day cycle, and starting BC will put me at 28 days between periods, should my period start as soon as I start the placebo pills, or my "natural" cycle as if I wasn't on HBC?  Like I said, I will have been on the pill for only about a month by that time and I'm just wondering what to expect!  Thanks.

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