tiffany (thatsevenbetter) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control and cramps?

So last weekend I had probably not the safest sex with the guy I'm seeing(He pulled out). Yes I'm beating myself up for it and I know its bad and really not something I do so I already feel bad there... anyway, the next day I took Plan B and followed the directions closely.

A few days after I started the NuvaRing (I'd been between birth controls) and am now having a little bit of pain/cramping in the area of my lower stomach/right above my pelvis and toward the right side of my body. It's nothing unbearable but its also not the norm.

I also recently got a new vibrator that is used internally and had been used to a small one that I generally only used externally. While this "hits the wall" it doesn't hurt while I'm using it and I was thinking maybe this mixed with the NuvaRing being up in there might be causing these feelings.

Ehh.. what do you think, VagPag
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