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Temperature drop?

Hi all,

I've been battling vaginal weirdness for a while now. As you may remember I've had recurring yeast infections since July. Here's the backstory with possibly relevant info?

I scheduled an appointment with my gyno to take a culture sample and she said the results showed a 'rare' yeast culture. She said it was only one type of yeast, and one that didn't culture like a typical yeast infection.

She recommended a 3-day Monistat intravaginal cream course, which I completed two days before the worst period ever. I swear there was a red Niagara Falls in my pants for about a week. After I was sure my period was over I finished off the Monistat. Aboutt wo days later I had symptoms that I've been associating with my YI (a yeasty kind of smelling discharge that was somewhat clumpy and left white stains on dark underwear). Went in, got swabbed, and still waiting for results. Hopefully I'll get them by Monday, but this is something that really concerned me:

Once, when I was going down on my bf he said my mouth felt colder than usual around him. We both thought that was kind of weird, but shrugged it off.

This was about Thursday. Today, Sunday, he was fingering me, and when we were done said that my vagina felt colder than usual. Usually there's a lot of heat, as in when I'm really turned on you can feel the head through my pants, and today I was turned on and had a fantastic orgasm, but afterwards he said that he definitely noticed it being colder.

The only explanation I can think of is that my body temperature was lower, because we'd just woken up. But we have morning funtimes all the time and that's never happened. And the time I was going down on him was more towards the evening so that doesn't fit.

My bf and I have had unprotected sex several times (we use withdrawal or condoms), but I haven't seen any Yi symptoms on him, and my doctor assured me that we're not passing something back and forth.

Certain positions which weren't painful before are starting to be extremely painful. I don't understand it. It feels like he's hitting what may be my G spot, because it sometimes feels good at first, but then he starts thrusting harder and it's really painful. It's also hurting when he goes deep now, when before it's been one of my favorite things ever. I can't go on top, because one of the things I liked to do was to get him all the way inside, and then kind of rock on him so my clitoris was stimulated by his landing strip (omg amazing!) but now it just hurts. :( 

Dear VPers, what the hell is going on with my body? I want my vag to smell and taste like my vag is supposed to taste and smell. And what is this weirdness with it being colder. (Not cold, obviously, but apparently noticeably cooler than usual?) And since when can my bf not go deep anymore? What changed? 

I love sex with my bf, we've been together for 10 months now, and it's been fantastic in every regard... but now I'm not as excited about sex as I used to be...all these issues are making me worry in the back of my mind when we do it. Like "Oh, he's changing positions, I wonder if it'll hurt?" I want my amazing sex life back. I hope someone here can at least lend some light to this whole ordeal. :(( 

ETA: Culture results came back negative for yeast. The doc has no idea what's wrong with me, and referred me to a gyno at the university health clinic, however since she's the only one they employ at the moment, the earliest appointment I could get was middle of November. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? 
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