meowhimeow (meowhimeow) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very odd discharge

 I've been having yeast infection problems, and I went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago ish. I got refills on medicine for if it comes back...and I thought that's what was starting to happen...but i'm not sure =/

and i'v had a problem with this discharge issue. I never know if its the start of a yeast infection or if it's like ovulation discharge because it usually only happens at a certain time. It's a bit thicker, pastier, usually white though. 

My discharge has just been like coming out, like..making my underwear wet. So I decided to have a look. Well the discharge is a little off color. I don't know what color exactly but it's not white, a bit darker. There is a bit of an odor as well. And when I squeezed my muscle down there or just started coming out.

When I last went to the doctor, they also tested me for a few things but I haven't been called back yet..which means that my tests were clear. So i'm confused if this is normal or wth.

The only other odd thing was at like the end of my last period, about a week ago. I had odd gooeyness down there once when I wiped, just once. But had a veryyy unpleasant smell to it.


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