Life is A HighWay..Im going to ride it on my own.. (vagueexistence) wrote in vaginapagina,
Life is A HighWay..Im going to ride it on my own..

More vaginal burning

I have posted a few times before. Long story short, I've been having intense vaginal burning. The doctor ran tests and there was no sign of any infection, she did a vaginal ultrasound and in her words "I had a beautiful ultrasound." She says there is nothing else that she can give me to help with the vaginal burning. Now, i've noticed that ever since I went on Loestrin 24, i've been having some sort of problem. I've been on it since February and around June, the intense burning started. I'm only 25 but feel incredibly dry, raw, and sore. Am I too young to maybe have vuvlodyna? I'm goign to the gyno on Wed ( Thankfully) but want to be more adviced on what to tell her. Meanwhile, I'm on my second period of the month, thanks to this birth control.

Any advice? Suggestions?

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