secretstar07979 (secretstar07979) wrote in vaginapagina,

Had my LLETZ procedure!

Hi VPers, well I finally had my dreaded LLETZ/LEEP proceudure yesterday under a general anaesthetic.

It wasn't too bad - so far I have experienced no pain as such and only slight bleeding! I'm generally tired and feeling a bit emotional but overall not as bad as I expected to be.

I'm now just waiting to receive a letter back to confirm what my 'diagnosis' is. I didn't have the opportunity to speak to the doctor who performed the procedure - only the day ward nurses. These nurses read a report to me that confirmed that the doctor removed the visible abnormal cells and these are listed as 'CIN II'. The doctor also took 2 punch biopsies of other areas on my cervix to send away for analysis. The nurse couldn't give me any more information about it.

The only thing on my mind now is this. I asked the nurse before the procedure how the doctor could be sure it wasn't anything more serious than CIN II... She said he will have known from my colposcopy and that if I had cancer that would've been clear in the colposcopy. However, she said she could not guarantee that this letter I receive will say I'm all 'clear' and that there is a miniscule possibility that they might find cancer in the part of my cervix they send away for analysis... This has freaked me out, I feel like she said 'you do not have cancer, but you might have cancer.' =/

I'm confused. She said this procedure is a treatment as well as a diagnostic tool and should get rid of the problem as well as diagnosing it all in 1. I'm just confused I guess. Should I be feeling concerned that I might have cancer? In your experiences, did abnormal cells come back after this procedure or did 1 treatment 'cure' you? Thanks guys!
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