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Anonymous Post - Pregnancy Concerns on HBC

Hello, fellow VPers! As you know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post, and we thank you in advance for your helpful and awesome responses. :)

For the VP Team

P.S. For more info on anonymous posts, see this link.

As always I am paranoid about pregnancy when I am sexually active, especially now. Just about a month ago I had sex with my ex boyfriend for the last time without a condom. He's always used the withdrawal method, and I've been on Loestrin 24fe for the last three and a half years. If I remember correctly I think I may have been a couple hours late taking the pill a few days before that or had to double up that day because I forgot to take my pill the night before. This would have happened either on Sunday or Monday with the pills, and Wednesday afternoon I had sex with him. With Loestrin, I know they say if you only miss one, that you are fine as long as you take it immediately. What do you think my chances are that I am not pregnant, and I am worrying over nothing?

Thanks so much!

ETA: Here is an update from the anonymous poster, with some more specific details regarding the above situation.

On August 25th I last had sex with an ex boyfriend. At the time we were using the withdrawal method each and every time we had sex. I was also on Loestrin 24 Fe. However, I am concerned that me not being a perfect user of BC from time to time could put me at risk for pregnancy. From what I recall I was either hours late taking my pill on the 23rd, or I missed a pill on the 22nd and had to double up on the 23rd (last time I had placebo pills were Sept 8th-Sept 11th). Lately I've had some abdominal pressure and what not, but I am wondering how much of it is related to my paranoia. It was weird how I did research online one day and ended up "experiencing" one of the symptoms I read about. It seems like the more I think about it, the more it comes back out of nowhere. Should I be concerned? At the beginning of our relationship we used condoms and birth control but eventually he practiced withdrawal without condoms while I was on the pill. With those two methods, even if I am not a perfect user of Loestrin 24 Fe, would I have reason to worry about being pregnant? Thank you for any feedback you can provide. I just hate worrying myself sick!
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