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BC options

Hey all

so a while back I posted about a few things, namely the BF and the fact that he had/has a YI. Well, we confirmed it, it's just a YI and we're treating it now. So, I feel a LOT safer about having unprotected sex with him, as far as condoms go. (I should also mention that he's no longer a boyfried, he's now a fiance! Hurray!)

Anyway, I have questions. I have recently come into some money, and I was wondering about birth control.

I really want to start having unprotected sex in where I allow him to finish inside of me, as opposed to pulling out. I know that since we are not currently TTC, BC is detrimental to this... unprotected sex thing, haha.

So... I am super bad with remembering to take pills on time. And on top of that, I'm on Doxycycline, which is an antibiotic, so I know that it would pretty much null and void the pill anyway... I was wondering about this whole Nuvaring thing. Do any of you use it? If you do, have you had or are you having unprotected sex in where you allow your s/o to finish in you?

I'm doing some research before I look up an GYN so I can go in with guns ablaze :D

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