thenuddpants (thenuddpants) wrote in vaginapagina,

Post-Coital Cramping

Hello all!

This is a rather hetero-centric question, so apologies in advance (as there is no way around it...)

Does anyone else who is female-bodied experience cramping when their male-bodied partner finishes in them (without condoms)? I've only recently started having condomless sex, and the cramping is something I have noticed quite starkly. When my partner finishes inside me it almost immediately triggers small (but not always totally unpleasant) cramps kind of deep in my uterus. I have an IUD, and I get my period/etc, but these cramps are *nothing* like any sort of period cramps. They are almost like small crampy twinges?

It also doesn't seem to correlate with the position we were having sex in, especially since I only get these cramps when he finishes in me, not when he finishes elsewhere, so it knocks out my theory of cervix-banging deeper penetration being the culprit.

I'm not *concerned* about these cramps, just wondering if anyone else experiences anything similar? Tell me I'm not alone! Haha!

Edit - I was recently (prior to engaging in condomless sex with my current partner) tested for STI's, and came up negative on everything, so I doubt it is something medical. Literally the *only* change in our sex life from last month to this month has been ditching condoms, which is when the cramps started.
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