mousebebe (mousebebe) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period Cramps Treatment

This was actually something I started wondering about during my last couple of periods, and I decided y'all might be the best people to ask!

During most of my periods, I get cramps. They're not (usually) bad enough to interfere with my normal life, but they can be uncomfortable and distracting. I don't like taking painkillers for this, partly because I don't like taking medication more than I have to and partly because they're just not that terrible. The one thing that does work well for me is heat. If I'm home, I'll grab this microwavable hot pack we've got and curl up with it (or a cat, if I can get him to lie in the right spot and not shove a paw against my uterus). The problem is that I can't do this at work (no outlet for an electric one, don't feel like jumping up every half an hour to microwave the thing again) or out with friends.

The point of all this: I noticed these,, and some other similar things not designed for cramps but still designed for muscle pain. Has anyone used these or something similar? Do they really work? Wouldn't the glue stick to the hairs in that area (at least if it's not shaved/waxed off)? Basically, would they be worth shelling out for?

Thanks in advance!
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