kymmeebear (kymmeebear) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Period

Since I've gotten on birth control (almost 6 months) my period has been extremly regular. It happens every thursday of my inactive pill week,  Today however it hasn't happened yet. I am staritng to freak out.  I messed up on last months pack but it still started on the thursday it was suppose to.  It was, however; longer than it normaly is.  Could this effect me not getting my period now or should I be concerned about pregnancy?  (me and my partner use condoms and birth control.  We used a condom and double checked through out that it haden't broken or slipped off.  He did ejaculate inside the vagina but took it out properly and rechecked that it had no holes (since i had missed 3 pills).  I am experienceing abdominal cramping like i do right before my period but like i said it's usually very normal.  Could it be because i messed up last month and my period was longer? Do i need to wait a couple more days before assuming pregnancies?
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