exxxtraneous (exxxtraneous) wrote in vaginapagina,

Swollen inner labia / itchiness?

Hi all, I've been experiencing something weird lately. Since about Monday or so, I've experienced some itchiness in my clitoral hood area. Nothing unbearable, but tempting to scratch. And tonight I was rather alarmed to see that my inner labia on one side and my clitoral hood were quite dramatically swollen. I'm trying to figure out what this might be and would love some input.

Relevant factors:
- The swelling started tonight after I masturbated (which I did primarily because I thought the itchiness was due to dryness).
- Sunday night my guy went down on me for a very long time.
- Sunday night I adopted a cat; I'm somewhat allergic to cats and I get (itchy) hives easily from contact with her.
- I'm towards the end of my period, if it's not yet done already.
- There is no noticeable discharge, weird odors, pain, or anything like that.
- I've never had a yeast infection, BV, or a UTI in the past 10 years or so.

So, any input? I doubt that it's an STD, and is likely just related to my allergies, but like I said, I'd appreciate some input/consolation, or sharing of similar experiences.

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