pure_midori (pure_midori) wrote in vaginapagina,

White Discharge and bumps

I am beyond frightened right now and have no one to speak to about this. I have been having sex with my boyfriend for a couple months exclusively and we stopped using condoms because im mildly allergic to them and Im on birth control. I noticed a white discharge about 2 weeks ago and my vagina is swollen but I have no lesions or itching. My boyfriend just told me today he has noticed some soreness and maybe some bumps but he isnt sure because he thinks its because we have been having rough sex. He is very large and im pretty tight.

My boyfriend was raised in an all religious private school setting so trying to talk about this is horrible and basically told me that it has to be me thats dirty because he wasnt raised that way, but I got tested before I had sex with him so i could get birth control and I was STD free. I can't get tested until next wed and I just feel dirty and somehow like a whore. He still wants to have sex though with condoms but i dont know if I can, should I even?

This is my ultimate nightmare and im scared that I have an Std and he is going to dump me. It's hard not to cry right now. any kind of help or advice would be welcomed at this point.
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