neek_love (neek_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

Could I maybe possibly get preggers? Or just paranoid?

Usually I am Ms. Perfect Use with my monofeme pills, but towards the end of my last pack I realized that somewhere along the line, not sure where, i totally missed 2 pills. D'oh. So me and the boy were extra careful for a bit.
Then, yesterday, I go to take my sixth-to-last pill in this packet and realize I've missed another one at some point! ::facepalm::
That was about four days ago. Last night we had sexytimes, and after he came he removed the condom, we had a little break and went at it again, condomless, and used withdrawal.
NOW. The worrying factor in this am-I-pregger saga is that I've been noticing more discharge than usual lately. It looked white and pretty normal so I wasn't that worried, there was just lots of it. UNTIL I read a comment from a user on here that that 'egg white' kind of discharge is associated with ovulation :s Now I'm worried my skipped pills triggered ovulation and I just had sex during it!
Am I just panicking? Plan B? Ahh?

TIA :)
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