jujustars (jujustars) wrote in vaginapagina,

New to Diva Cup

I finally bought one the other night. I've been meaning to for a few years but never had the extra money to spare and I rarely go to London Drugs (only local store here that seems to sell it or have it on the shelf?).

I just wanted to ask if anyone has any tips, especially for first time use? Anything I really need to know? Of course I'll read the little leaflet that came with it, but hearing what others think is important helps.

Also, I use the Nuva Ring and sometimes my period and ring usage overlap. My period normally starts on day 3 of no ring, and lasts into the second day or so of the new ring. I can use tampons and the ring together but I'm not sure if the ring and cup would work or fit? Anyone know?

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