werepony (werepony) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can I "replace" my ovaries?

I hate my ovaries.

They cause me to have horrible heavy and crampy periods, horrible mood-swings, and severe cystic acne. I have the symptoms somewhat under control with Seasonique -- but if I miss even one pill, back come the mood-swings, cramps, and oily skin...

I have had these problems for 12 years now (first got my period at 12, now at 24 I still have problems). I do not have PCOS. Seriously, been checked out several times, and I do NOT have PCOS, insulin resistance, or anything else from that cluster of diseases. Apparently there's nothing "wrong" with my ovaries, they're just evil and they hate me (the feeling is mutual).

Are there any alternatives for managing my hormones that might work better than birth control pills?

I'm sort of envisioning shutting my ovaries down with Lupron or similar, then taking reasonable levels of hormones so I don't have early menopause... does anybody know if doctors ever do something like that?
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