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Ovarian Cysts - is this normal?

is this "NORMAL" for a cyst

OK Background (and sorry if any is TMI)

Last June (june 09) was my last period
December (I think) I took "plan B" just in case when a um accident occurred
got a sorta period (not a normal one)

FINALLY behaved myself and called the girly dr got a prescription for some bloodwork

FINALLY got blood work done and got a prescription for a med to induce my period (she warned me that I would get the period from hell)
The med was Medroxyprogesterone 10mg - take one a day for 10 days then have a period

Got a period - unpleasant this was june after my wedding

My period in july - was horrid - cramping and nausea and fatigue and more - And I couldnt stop working as I was the head councilor at a kids horse day camp - in short the worst period of my life

Period over, started having this vague discomfort in my left lower quadrant of my abdomen - this slowly got worse - On the move out to Idaho I felt pressure - and like I had to pee every 5 seconds - then it would hurt (inside not bladder pain) AFTER I went When I walked it felt like something was just sore and loose in there - tightening my abs - or holding my gut sorta helped but not really keep everything from "bouncing" inside
Got my period in Aug - was very crampy and uncomfortable - my left quadrant hurt more then ever, I was getting chills then hot flashes, then nausea - I gave up and went to the ER one night (my insurance would only cover ER) They diagnosed me with an ovarian cyst 7cmx6cmx4cm - so it was like I had a potato in there! They gave me pain meds and instructions to follow up with a new girley dr

Had to wait for insurance


It must have popped - one night I felt particularly poorly - next day it was sorta like I had a period - cramps included - this lasted 2 days

THEN (if that wasnt enough)

My right side started hurting - this one is a bit different as the pain is "sharper" I have all the same symptoms as before

I cant seem to do any heavy labor -this is killing me - I need to get the barn cleaned up and I have no one to help me

My horses are coming out tomorrow - and I will have to care for them alone - this is not good

I NEED to get better

Yesterday - I thought "OK I will slowly go do some poo picking and get the immediate area where they will be staying tidy - there isnt much to do and the poo is dry - so its light"


I had a pain shoot up from my bottom into my right side as if you stuck a knife in and twisted - nearly brought me to my knees - I had to stop and wait for it to sorta pass - I couldnt even walk

I eventually made it back to the house and laid down - I was exhausted and seriously in pain - I stayed in bed from 3pm to 7am or so

I felt horrible - and I have stuff to do

My husband I feel thinks I am making this up - that I am trying to get out of work - I am really not
I feel really poorly it hurts to sit - it hurts to stand, it hurts to walk or lift things - I feel best if laying on my side - laying flat on my back hurts

I need to get better

I never had this problem before my medication in june - do I just have to wait for things to right themselves and get back to normal? I dont want to go on HBC as I feel that is what caused the "no period year" among other reasons, though the drs kept trying to shove BC my direction to fix the no period prob *sigh* I also shortly want to start TTC - so no HBC for that

Do ovarian cysts impact fertility?

Any thoughts - at a friends  suggestion I am looking into dietary changes I can make (really how much more can I stand to be restricted *stupid celiac*)

I NEED to get better - all suggestions welcome

PS it wont let me tag
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