Elle (putonthemask006) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need accurate data about contraception

Hi there superstars,
first of all I apologize in advance if this kind of post is not allowed.

Today our Biology teacher gave us a sex ed class at school and I'm pretty sure there where tons of mistakes in her information.

(among other things) she said that:
-A woman should take a pregnancy test 3 days after unprotected sex to check whether she's pregnant
-The accuracy of pills is 95% (with perfect use) and there were 5 to 8 pregnancy's from every 100 women using the pill alone as contraception per year.
-Tube ligation is completely irreversible (even through surgery)
-That every condom already comes with spermicide so it's not necessary to add it.
-That there is not such thing as latex allergy and each and every boy who tells us that is lying in order to not use the condom.

Some I get she said in order to "shock" or something along those lines but I'm pretty confused here. She got angry at me for questioning her and we're having a test about this next week which I might fail since I have very different data from hers.

So, I need some accurate data to see if it's worth it to discuss with her or I should just shut up my mouth.

Thank you :)

edit: Thank you for all the info <3
I don't live in the US, tho, and I attend a very small school (100 students in all the high school) so I don't want to make a fuss out of this.
She comes only on Mondays, so I won't see her until the test. I'll just go and do it answering with the correct data. If she marks them wrong then I'm talking with the principal. In addition, I'll try to tell my classmates about the correct info, if they'll listen.
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