ellewoods7 (ellewoods7) wrote in vaginapagina,

Masking Vaginal Odor?

Hey all,

The smell of my vagina bothers me. (I'm not concerned that other people can smell it, I don't want to change it for a partner, it just bothers me. I'm also sure that it's pretty normal--not fishy or overpowering, just something that I can smell and I don't like.)

I'm wondering what I can do to make it less noticeable (again, to myself) throughout the day?

Pantyliners? Wipes? Talc-free powder?

Has anyone tried anything like the above or have any other suggestions? I'd really appreciate it!


(P.S., Mod: I know I should to tag this entry, but each time I click "Select Tags," my computer freezes. So sorry!)

ETA: Just to make this more clear, I'm not trying to promote the idea that women are "dirty." I know that I'm not dirty; I know odor is natural. I don't want you all--or anyone else--to go around thinking your vags stink. But the truth is, I do not like smelling myself. It's something that seriously distracts me throughout my day and has done so for years. If you don't have the same issue or if you feel that this represents a larger social/gender-equality issue, that's fine. But please, I only really want to hear suggestions of how I can deal with my situation. Thanks!
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