_pianississimo (_pianississimo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Period, Not Pregnant

So, my last period was on August 16. I'm on a fairly regular 27-29 day cycle (usually get period on a Monday or Tuesday every 4 weeks), at least for the last several months (since I've been paying closer attention). We use pull-out method every time, except when on period, and never "re-penetrate" after ejaculation (I'm not on hbc). 

I have now taken two pregnancy tests (one on Thursday and one this morning), both negative. So I'm pretty positive I'm not pregnant. 

Could it just be the stress of running my first half-marathon/switching grad school programs that's throwing off my cycle? Or should I go see my doctor to be safe? 
ETA: My period came! (2.5 weeks and 4 negative pregnancy tests later). Thanks for your support!

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