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Period one week early and other bodily mysteries

Hi all...

I'm not sure what to make of this. My body has been utterly wonky this past month.  For many months now, I have been getting my period every 25 days.  Last month, I started on August 31st (after 25 days), and had, what is for me, a normal period--five days of really heavy bleeding and cramps and other fun things.  My boobs always get super sore at least a week before my period (sometimes two weeks), but this time, the soreness never went away.  In fact, it got worse.  My face also stayed broken out, I continued crying at the drop of a hat, I continued getting headaches, and I kept having stomach problems.  All of these things happen to me as a normal part of PMS, but, again, this time they've carried through from my last period and never stopped.  I had what felt like my normal ovulation pains only a couple of days after my last period ended.  I also had a lot of ovarian pain with intercourse and other activity throughout the past two weeks or so, which makes me suspect an ovarian cyst is partially to blame for my woes.

Yesterday, I noticed that I was having what were DEFINITELY pre-period cramps.  This morning, I woke up and I was definitely bleeding as though I had started my period.  Sometimes, my period takes a day to really gear up, and the bleeding seems to have stopped for now, but that's pretty normal.  The blood was pinkish red, as my early period blood always is.

The problem is, it's only been 19 days since the beginning of my last period.  I have had periods come this early before, but it hasn't happened in over a year. 

I am 27 years old and sexually active with one partner.  My boyfriend and I do not use condoms, nor am I on the pill.  However, we do use the pull-out method every single time--regardless of where I am in my cycle.  We follow all the "rules" and it has worked for us for a long time.  I honestly don't think I'm pregnant--I've been having these symptoms since I was ON my last period, like I said.  Could an ovarian cyst cause these kinds of symptoms and an irregular period?  When I had health insurance, there was about a four month stretch where I had to keep going in for transvaginal ultrasounds to monitor some stubborn cysts on my ovaries.  I'm almost certain I've had more since then.  My body just feels SO messed up this month, and I'm looking for ideas and possibly some reassurance that I'm not preggers. 

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