Kitty (kittyjuggalette) wrote in vaginapagina,

cup removal issues

I have been hesitant to buy a cup since they are not one size fits all and it really is not returnable so I have been using the Instead cups for about 3 months. I really like them for the most part, I have finally mastered the insertion (I think) but I am still struggling with the removal.  My  uterus is tipped and I can not reach my cervix even with my middle finger. It has taken me 25 years to explore my body.

My problem is the removal on the heaviest days. I can not seem to not spill it everywhere.  I insert it while standing up and then sit and use my kegels to fully pull it into place. When I stand and try to remove it the bathroom looks like a murder took place (to make matters worse, my bathroom is carpeted ugh!)  I need advice -  Are the re-suable cups easier and cleaner to remove?
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