500sketches (500sketches) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can I got on BC without seeing a gyno? And some.. General stuff.

I've never had sex. It would be nice to have it eventually, but frankly I can't even handle the smallest of tampons without some awful pain. But I want to go on BC because my periods can be pretty terrible and I feel like its ruining half my life.
They are often irregular. I usually get them around at the end of month(or every friggin holiday ever), sometimes I'll skip a period(i blame stress) and sometimes I'll even get it twice in one month. I'm pretty sure I've had periods last for at least two weeks.. Sometimes they aren't all that bad, no cramping. But often the pain is almost unbearable - like it was today. I was in the back of work crying to my boss's wife about these lady problems and ended up just having to leave. I feel like I'm bleeding out, and occasionally the amount of blood I expel from my snatch is horrifying and worrying to me. I feel tired and exhausted, but I'm not sure if its directly related to my period. I also often get er.. bowel movement issues often. Dehydration wouldn't be an issue, since I actually think I drink waaaayyy too much than I am suppose to(so much i've been tested for diabetes one too many times). My diet is also absolute shit which I'm sure has something to do with horrible period pains too, right?
I'm 19 and haven't gone to a gyno yet because I know I cannot physically or emotionally handle someone touchin' up on me. I don't even like taking my shirt off for getting my scoliosis checked on. A gyno would throw me through a horrible uncomfortable loop of lashing emotions which I'm sure would affect my job, friends, etc. 

What should I do? Does any of that sound remotely normal for periods? I know keeping away from sodium and exercising is suppose to help with period pains but its not enough. Midol, motrin, advil, pamprin, etc all does nothing for me and I'm really getting to the end of my rope with this.
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