what misery loves (virile) wrote in vaginapagina,
what misery loves

Pimples + Pap Smear

From a combination of stress and summertime hair removal, I've ended up with a painful pimple on my labia. I read that the best thing was to just leave it alone, but it's really bothering me. Is there anything I can put on it to get rid of the irritation that won't make it worse? Normal acne creams are obviously a bit too harsh.

Also, because I get different opinions about this from everyone I ask: is it necessary for a 24 year old who has never been sexually active to get a Pap smear? My mom is putting pressure on me to get one, saying it's irresponsible, but I have vaginismus and am afraid repeated failed attempts (there's been at least four already) will keep making it worse and worse. One doctor told me that there is no point in having a Pap since my risk is low and the pain associated with it high, but others say absolutely everyone past a certain age should get one.
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