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Still fretting and worrying about my LLETZ/LEEP procedure... =(

Hey VPers, it's me again...


Firstly I'd like to thank those of you who have spoken to me before about this stuff, you do always help. It's only now that I've read 'horror' stories online that I am starting to majorly freak out.

For those of you who don't know my situation, I'm a 22 year old girl in the UK who paid for a private smear test back in April. I wouldn't have been entitled to one on the NHS for another 3 years and I just felt it was time I had one, seeing as I've been sexually active since I was 16.

Anyway, in April my smear results came back mildy abnormal. I went for a repeat in July and the results came back moderately abnormal / CIN  II. The private clinic referred me back to the NHS who then agreed that despite my young age, I should have a colposcopy.

I had my colposcopy at the end of August and the doctor confirmed that I have moderately abnormal cells / CIN II. He wanted to treat me under a local anaesthetic and give the the LLETZ/LEEP procedure there and then. Unfortunately I was so distressed that I was crying too much for them to do it safely... I am therefore going back next Friday to have the procedure carried out under a general.

My concerns are these:


The doctor confirmed that my abnormal cells are moderate / CIN II but how can he know this for sure just by looking!? He didn't take a biopsy, how does he know that I don't actually have severe abnormalities or even cancer?

I've been doing some research online and I have come across so many stories of girls saying they were diagnosed with CIN II, had this procedure carried out and then received letters saying they actually had cancer.

The doctors say that cervical cancer takes about 8-10 years to develop but why, in that case, have my cells gone from mild to moderate in just 3 months!? And if it really took so long to develop, why do women still get cervical cancer at all? Suppose they have got much worse since my colposcopy a month ago and now?

I'm really really confused. There is so much contradictary information online and I don't know what to think. Some websites reassure me and make me feel as though this is a common and minor problem that will have no long-term effects and after my LLETZ/LEEP I'll simply go back to normal. Others make me feel terrified, as though I am destined to get cervical cancer.

Please can someone shed some light on all this... I'm going out of mind. I started my first teaching job today and left wondering if there's even any point in getting attached to the children as maybe I won't be working there long due to this problem!?

Thanks for reading...


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