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Finding Sarah

Nipple question

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant w/my 2nd son. I nursed my 1st son for around 15 months, no problems. Here is a bit of a back story and then onto my question.

As a freshmen in college I had my nipple pierced. This was in...1999 I think? Anyway, I ended up taking it out sometime in 2004 after virtually NO problems with it. It never hurt, not even when the actual piercing happened. It was never a problem and the only reason I took it out was because the ball fell out of the ring at the beach and the ring kept getting stuck in my bikini top and pulling, so I took it out, thinking I would get a new one later that night and forgot and well, the hole grew up. Flash forward to my son. He was born in 2007 and I nursed him for around 15 months, no problems out of either nipple, and the only thing "different" about the pierced one is it did leak more than the other and the milk let down faster in that boob but other wise nothing to worry about.

Ok, so since then, maybe for the past 6 months? IDK, I know it was doing this B4 I was pregnant, the "scar" where the ring went in keeps...well...swelling a little bit and then if I squeeze it, a thick white substance comes out. It doesn't have any sort of smell, it's always white and it use to just happen around the time of my period. Now it is happening at least every other day, it swells maybe a little bigger than a pen head, think the size of a pea and then when I squeeze the white substance will come out, it is very thick and white...and well that's about it. Sometimes it will come out of just ONE of the spaces in the top of my nipple where milk will come...and again it is so thick it holds it's form as it comes out. It isn't liquid at all...

Anyone know what this could be? Is it an infection? Is it some sort of colostrum? Is it...yeast? Is it something I should worry about? Is there anything I can put on it? I'm going to ask the OB on the 2nd when I go but I wanted to check here first just to see if anyone had experience w/this. When I shower I usual let the warm water soak it for a few and then squeeze and the "substance" will come out. My nipples are really tender right now just from all the hormones but other wise it doesn't hurt. I'm not noticing any of the colostrum like milk that I noticed w/my son so I wasn't sure if this is that or something else?


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