violetstar124 (violetstar124) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can't make myself orgasm so my partner can't either :/

I posted a few days ago about percentage of orgasming. While I'm lucky enough to orgasm from piv sex (probably 40% of the time), I think my problem is that I really have no idea how to make myself orgasm-- making it much harder for my partner to know how. Oral doesn't do much for me (i know, weird) and fingering feels good but doesn't get me anywhere. The only way I've ever masturbated is by clenching my legs tightly-- which isn't really conducive for partner sex. I'm thinking about buying a vibrator but don't think that's really the stimulation I would like ( though don't know because I've never tried!). Any suggestions? Positions or manual techniques that could mimic the leg clenching? Or any other advice?

Thanks so much!
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