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using a mule account because.. well, its embarrassing! D:

i am 99.9% i have a yeast infection. i'd go get myself some meds, but here's the problem - im currently in Japan for a while. So im here to ask, does anyone know of any over the counter treatments I can buy here? (preferably by name.) The more popular the better, since im in a small town.
I also did something really bad - i itched. I itched like crazy, pretty much subconsciously, and now my left inner labia is huge and inflamed. I cant go get any medicine until tomorrow night, so until then does anyone have any idea what I can do to bring the inflammation down? Besides not touching it, of course.
Right now, finding a cure for the inflammation is by biggest fear. every time i look down there I start to get really scared!
And since im only 99.9% sure and not 100%, what are the risks involved with taking a yeast infection medication? I mean, if I somehow don't have one. I'd go to a doctor, but I cant - I speak 0 japanese and have no coverage.

Ive gotten an answer to my first question! but now im really worried - its been a few hours, and ive iced it and while in the shower ran my swollen left inner labia under cold water, and the swelling has only gone down a little - i'd say about 1/4th of the way. It's late here in Japan and i'm going to go to bed, commando in hopes of letting things air out a bit. Fingers crossed its not like this in the morning, but just in case does anyone have any ideas other than the oil!?

Thanks so much guys!
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