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I hate to post an "am I pregnant" question, but I'm really suffering from some anxiety about this and the people in this community are generally very quick at responding and know what they're talking about. If I do not get my period in the next two days, I'm going to get a pregnancy test. Just trying to give it some time in case I am just late.

So, I use a cell phone app to calculate my next period. It is generally correct, and when it is off, it's only been off by two days at the most. It told me this month I was supposed to start on the 8th, and here it is the 13th, and no period. VERY weird for me. In the 9 years I've had my period, this is the latest I've been, with the exception of when I first started and missed three months. I've never been the type that has had stress or anything like that affect when my period comes. My body has always been very good about being regular when it comes to menstruating.

I did have sex, but unfortunately can't remember the specific dates. The first day of my last period was August 8th. Every time I have had sex, it's been with a condom, which, to my knowledge, never tore, ripped, spilled, got stuck in me, or anything. It was put on before any contact was made and the base was held while pulling out afterward.

While stress and the like has never affected me before, on the off chance that it is now, here are the things you should know have affected me this month (well, the month of August/the first week of Sept.)
--Under a lot of general stress from home life with my parents, as well as dealing with my boyfriend's mom (I'm sure some of you know how that is, ha).
--Started school again August 30th
--Sleep schedule is WAY out of whack. Some nights I go to bed by 11 pm, others not until 7 am. The night before I started school again I actually didn't even sleep. It's not consistent in any way.
--I've only been eating once or twice a day thanks to my sleep schedule
--I was fairly hard on my body on a camping trip on August 13-14. I got tipsy (I never drink alcohol, like ever) and smoked a lot of weed.
--I took the generic form of Diflucan (the one dose type) for a yeast infection on August 16th
--I went to the gyno on August 12th to get a word catheter inserted into a bartholin's cyst but the cyst wasn't big enough yet, so they just drained it a bit.

So, does it seem like I could be pregnant? Or are the odds in favor of me just being late? I'd appreciate some responses, thank you. :)
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